Reviews of Our Family Dentist Serving the
Evans & Augusta, GA Areas

"I would like to share a story about Dr. Thielke. It was approximately 3 months ago when I went to his office with my daughter for her usual monthly orthodontist apt. and just happen to ask Dr. Thielke if he would look at a tooth that I was having problems with, he said that it was a rather large filling that had falling out and my tooth was chipped and that he could probably fix it but didnt want to take any patients away from other dentists etc... Well I explained to him that my dentist wanted to charge me 2800.00 for a root canal or 1000.00 for a cap or if I wanted to try and fill it the cost would be 500.00, I thought that was a little much so I explained to Dr. Thielke that I would like him to fill it and with hesitation he did, I just want to say he did such an amazing job and for the mere cost of 200.00, thank you Dr. Thielke for taking such good care of me and keeping in a budget that is affordable. This a a true testament of Dr. Thielke honesty and commitment to being a GREAT dentist rather than digging for the big bucks. I am very proud to say that Dr. Thielke is now our family dentist and I will be sharing my story with many. This is how a good business becomes a great business and how success will continue to grow leaps and bounds for his dental/orthodontist practice."
★★★★★ - Tammy H., via Facebook

"Amazing place! Everyone is warm welcoming, and sweet!"
★★★★★ - Maisie D., via Facebook

"Dr. Thielke has been my family's dentist for more than 30 years. He is quick with fillings, getting them right the first time with no occlusion. His root canals are exact. He takes precautions to insure outcomes without discomfort and infection. I would not even consider going to another dentist."
★★★★★ - Joseph P., Augusta, GA

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